James Barclay

James Barclay

2012, 2015, 2020 Top Producer, Awarded by the Chicago Association of Realtors

Many people, when they think of Realtors, imagine one of the characters from "Glengarry Glen Ross". There is Jack Lemon's character: out of touch, desperate to make a sale for his own survival, pathetic. There is Al Pacino's character: arrogant to the point of revulsion, out to make as much money as possible with little regard for anyone but himself. Then there is Alec Baldwin's character: just an a**hole.

Me? I don't fit into any of those stereotypes. I'm just a regular guy. And a nice guy to boot.

My job, and I take it very seriously, is to help people. Usually that means assisting them in buying or selling a home. It often involves educating them to the way the process works and informing them of all their options. It frequently includes explaining the current market conditions and referring them to an attorney, lender, home inspector or moving company whom I trust. Sometimes it even means telling them now is not the time for them to buy or sell and helping them construct a long term plan to achieve their goals.

I began in the industry in 2005 and have seen my business grow steadily each year--despite the current market challenges. By serving both buyers and sellers, I gain valuable insight to the needs and motivations of each. That, in turn, allows me negotiate for my clients strategically and effectively--getting them the best possible deal for their money.

In addition to working with sellers and "move up" buyers, I particularly enjoy helping first time home buyers realize their goal of home ownership. I am the organizer of the First Time Chicago Home Buyer's Group on Meetup.com and I host a series of regular workshops designed specifically for first time home buyers.

My background is somewhat atypical for a Realtor. I hold a Bachelor of Music from the University of North Texas and for ten years I made my living solely as a professional drummer. I have recorded, performed and toured throughout the US and Europe. Many people are surprised to learn this but for me the path to success in both careers has been the same: hard work, honesty and integrity. Most importantly, when given the opportunity to perform — on stage or as an advocate for a buyer or seller — I do the best job I possibly can and completely exceed expectations.

By doing so, I have been able to build my business largely on the referrals of past clients who appreciate the work that I did for them. Don't just take my word for it. Read for yourself what people are saying about me in their testimonials and on Yelp.com.

...and yes, I still do perform on the drums as time allows. It's a thrill to invite my clients to a club gig or a theater show I'm in and let them see the "other" me.

Greg Vinn

Greg Vinn

Greg Vinn brings exceptional skill for client service to his career as a real estate broker. He has a developed sense of communication and responsiveness, in addition to an understanding of the layout and landmarks of Chicago’s dynamic neighborhoods. Greg is passionate about building and maintaining relationships with his clients, and hopes to serve their needs through each of their real estate transactions.

A lifelong native of Chicago who has lived within several neighborhoods of the north, south, and west side, Greg is always happy to introduce new people to the exciting opportunities available in the residential market. He provides particular familiarity and expertise in the city’s neighborhoods of Rogers Park, West Ridge, Edgewater, Albany Park, Irving Park, Avondale, Uptown, Bridgeport, and West Town.

Outside of his work as a realtor, Greg enjoys reading, cooking, playing chess and billiards, and training in boxing.

Erick Alvarez

Erick Alvarez

With his unique educational, professional and performance backgrounds, Erick Alvarez brings to his real estate clients both a unique perspective and a distinctive edge. As an accomplished musician with a degree from the much-lauded Boston Conservatory, Erick Alvarez understands very well the rewards of patience and diligence. His experience as a concert performer taught him the importance of always being 100% prepared, a mindset that he brings to every phase of life where preparation and performance are critical!

With his additional experience working in the hospitality industry, he has learned the importance of forging strong and enduring relationships that are based on helping others to achieve their goals. Indeed, the concierge skills that Erick developed and refined at some of Boston’s finest boutique hotels make him an extremely effective real estate broker. Calm and unflappable, Erick is a skilled communicator and a determined negotiator who will work tirelessly to achieve the objectives of his clients - buyers and sellers alike.

Inspired to pursue a career in real estate after he and his partner bought their first Chicago property, Erick has never looked back. He loves the varied, never-ending challenges of the brokerage business and sees himself as both an advocate and a partner to his clients - always looking for ways to better understand their needs, wants and goals. In his free time, he loves taking advantage of Chicago’s multi-cultural offerings, especially the food, art and music scenes.

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